King William Historic District, San Antonio, TX

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San Antonio Texas is the most famous and popular city in the country for many reasons. It is the most dynamic city in this area. Here business and real estate sectors are the most successful sectors because of the low taxes, business climate, and working opportunity. The King William District is one of the most affluent areas in the San Antonio.

Because more and more people are moving to San Antonio in order to find a new home, more and more high rises and lofts are becoming available to accommodate today's residents of the greater San Antonio area. Although Texas is identified for many ranches, spectacular estates, as well as Spanish villa style single-family homes, there are several apartment complexes well known throughout the metropolitan as well.

The King William Historic District is One of San Antonio's most comfortable areas, which remains a central market for San Antonio real estate. The King William District is a famous and well-known area in San Antonio for its traditional landmark. The area is historical and very luxurious, several styles of housing are found here.

King William Historic District also is home to St. Benedicts, one of the most luxurious loft complexes in the entire city. In 50's, the building of King William historic District was rehabilitated once again to the St. Benedict's hospital, all conversions made by sisters of the time.

Now, the condos are an impressive living space, and offered with all the modern accommodations you could ask for. When purchasing at St. Benedicts, there is a choice between two or three standard floor plans, with several other luxury floor plans being offered at higher cost. The average low cost of living in the San Antonio area means most of these luxury spaces are reasonably well priced given their location and size. They also include great facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, and under ground parking. The bathrooms feature a beautiful modern design with slate floors.

St. Benedicts is located within walking distance to several shops, restaurants, and even some of the best bars San Antonio has to offer. The neighborhood is conveniently located near entrances of all the major highways, making travel throughout Texas a pleasant experience. The King William neighborhood is one of the most the premier neighborhoods in San Antonio area, and potential buyers might just be shocked on how affordable this area can be

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